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Euphorbia gymnocalycioides
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Welcome to the DKG

Who are we?
What are our activities?
What do we offer to lovers of cacti and succulents?

The Deutsche Kakteen-Gesellschaft e.V. ("German Cactus Society") was founded on 6 November 1892 in Berlin. At that time cacti were still imported in large numbers on cargo ships from the New World to Europe and displayed in Botanical Gardens as "exotic plants". Others ended up in numerous garden centres where they were sold as "botanical rarities". Cacti were in those days considered to be the big hit!


Hence great enthusiasm for these highly fascinating plants and an increasing desire for the bizarre creations developed. The growing and collection of cacti experienced an unprecedented rise in Germany.


The curator of the Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem, at the time Professor Dr. Karl Schumann, then realized the trend and the expanding interest in cacti. In consequence he founded the cactus society. Nobody would have anticipated that this society was to become such a large community of cacti fanciers as the Deutsche Kakteen-Gesellschaft e.V. (DKG) represents today.


We register now approximately 5,600 members in Germany and abroad. Our members comprise of botanists, hobby experts and uncounted numbers of window-sill collectors. The DKG‘s magazine, „Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten“ (KUAS), is a monthly publication that is circulated to all members of the society. The periodical contains many useful tips for cultivation, extensive travelogues, descriptions of new species, reports on annual meetings, advertisements, plenty of information and lots of coloured photographs and illustrations.


It is the declared goal of the DKG to pass on our treasured knowledge and experiences, as for example in the sector of plant cultivation and other specific fields relating to our hobby. The DKG possesses a comprehensive library which is made available to all of our local members who are welcome to lend specialist books and literature free of charge. A valuable slide library with ten thousands of interesting plant slides is furthermore at the disposal for all our members.


Those who want to learn more about cacti and other succulents in the vicinity of their homes are invited to visit one of our 115 local groups spread all over Germany. Just drop in and see for yourself. Experience a cactus and succulents meeting at your local group. There will be no need to enrol as a member right away!


We also set ourselves to provide information concerning the preservation of species in their habitat to ensure that all members and interested parties are brought up to date on the latest topics in this regard. Summing it up, we can honestly claim that the DKG is a well organized society of plant lovers even exceeding national borders.


  • Are you interested in finding out more about us and the growing and cultivating of these "spiny fellows" and their succulent relatives?
  • Are you interested to obtain information on special events?
  • Would you like to get in touch with cacti lovers here and abroad?
  • Do you have questions concerning terms of membership?


In this case just contact our DKG office. Also ask for a specimen of our magazine "Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten". We will be pleased to answer your questions as soon as possible.


(Members and interested persons from abroad should note that Herr Klingel will also be able to reply to enquiries received in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French or Italian.)


We should be glad to hearing from you soon. Those who decided to join the DKG may do so by down-loading and completing the registration form:


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